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Welcome to hp_crackified, a Harry Potter Livejournal RPG set in Harry's sixth year (not compliant with HBP canon). This is a mostly-plotless RPG created to have fun with ridiculously OOC characters.

Gilderoy Lockhart, having regained his memory, thought it was a dreadful shame that so much of his popularity had disappeared. To cure this lack of fans, stalkers and large amounts of money, he decided to carry out his personal ambition- ridding the world of evil- once and for all.

(In retrospect, his other personal ambition, the one involving his own line of hair-care products, would have been a lot safer.)

To do this, he found a little-known and extremely unreliable spell, and used it to give Voldemort a personality transplant and, you know, make him just insanely nice instead of the whole crazy evil thing he had going on. Of course, the spell went wrong. Instead of affecting only Voldemort, it ended up affecting approximately three quarters of the wizards and witches in Britain, exaggerating and completely changing their personalities in one fell swoop.

Interesting times ensued.

This game begins June 1.

To see the contact info for this RPG, go here; to quickly add all RPG characters to your flist, go here.

To apply, fill out the following and post it as a comment to this post:

Your name:
Character name:
Character house and year:
Affected/unaffected by the personality transplant:
Sample post (at least two reasonable paragraphs, and if your character is affected, I'd like to see how their personalities have been changed in this post; if they're unaffected, I expect canonical characterisation):

You may apply for any character who is canonically alive at the end of OotP. If you really, really want to apply for a dead character, please contact me at petitspois@gmail.com with the name of the character, your reasons for wishing to play him/her and any plans for the character.

You can play up to three characters, but there has to be a week of reasonable activity between choosing each one. I'd like to have about a quarter of characters completely unaffected by this spell, if possible. Although I'm not going to force anybody to apply for an unaffected character if they don't want to, I'd like it if people who already have two affected characters and want to adopt a third would strongly consider playing someone unaffected.


1) There are no strict posting rules- ie. if you're posting in your journal only once a fortnight but commenting on other people's posts all the time, that's fine. However, if you're barely commenting or posting without a good reason, you'll be warned and then purged.

2) Keep any OOC conflicts out of IC posts, and vice versa.

3) Use good grammar and spelling UNLESS you are playing Crabbe or Goyle (and if you're playing one of them as the sort of person who reads Tolstoy, this exception doesn't apply). Or a basically-illiterate Hermione. You get the picture.

4) All characters must have a reason (however contrived) to be at Hogwarts. You're playing a studious Weasley twin who's come back to learn? Fine. You want to coach Quidditch as Oliver Wood? Super. You want Scrimgeour to come and live at Hogwarts as Minister for no reason? Not allowed.

5) This game is compliant with certain aspects of HBP. These are things like basic character facts (ie. Blaise being a black male), things that happened before the start of HBP (like Fudge losing his job, Sirius leaving everything to Harry) and background information, like the existence of Felix Felicis and everything we know about love potions as of HBP. The actual events of Book Six and the existence of Horcruxes are not canon, because they wouldn't fit into this game very well. Certain other things, such as whether Ginny is really dating Dean etc., can be canon at the players' discretion.

6) No god-moding. No NC-17 content, and R content should be placed behind a cut.

7) For information upon the posting format, read this post.

8) PBs (people who portay a character in their icons etc.) such as Lindsay Lohan, Brad Pitt and Jessica Simpson are forbidden in this game. If you are unsure of your PB choice after having read this, please contact the moderator at petitspois@gmail.com.

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